One-Man protest
As per Russian law

Project shot on an iPad during opening of Frieze London Artfair 2012, shown the next evening at the opening of Moving Image Artfair London

video with sound (voice-over), 3’25″
excerpt from the work

Sound Performance

sound, 9’04”

Being of transnational background (born in Russia, based in the UK and Belgium), Skobeeva explores how the issues of particular and universal are re-negotiated in the context of ambivalent (non)belonging by mankind in the internet era.

The text is appropriated by the artist from her own previously completed  work “One-man Protest As per Russian Law” and Google Translated in real time into all 23 official European Languages.

Languages include:

1) Bulgarian 2) Czech

3) Danish

4) Dutch

5) English

6) Estonian

7) Finnish

8) French

9) German

10) Greek

11) Hungarian

12) Irish

13) Italian

14) Latvian

15) Lithuanian

16) Maltese

17) Polish

18) Portuguese

19) Romanian

20) Slovak

21) Slovene

22) Spanish

23) Swedish

Post Scriptum

SVAO Moscow governmental building, September 2011
video with sound, 10’08”
excerpt from the work


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