Ethics of Extinction

HD with sound, 7’45”, 2019

The UnNational Monument

a public sculpture and digital residency on isthisit? platform as a part of DeptfordX 2018.

Project kindly supported using public funding by the Arts Council England Project Grants, Pangaea Sculptors Centre and DeptfordX bursary

Biographies of Objects

HD with sound, 6’13”, 2018

21 Contemporary Art Biennale VideoBrazil6th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition @Hong-Gah Museum, Taiwan, SHIFT  like the end and the way curated by A–Z Anne Duffau, Transcending Identities @ Deptford Cinema, Whitstable Biennale shortlist and LOOP DISCOVER Award finalist

Kindly supported by residency @ Goldsmith University Library

Womb of Time

HD with sound, 10’26”, 2017

ARTAGON III Art Award 2017, RCA Show 2017, Visions in the Nunnery Biennale 2018

Do You Speak Peking Opera?

HD with sound, 6’06”, 2017

Recontres International Paris/Berlin 2018, Red Mansion Award

Kindly supported by the Red Mansion Foundation.

Lewis Carroll meets Godzilla

HD with sound, 3’45’, 2016

Cowley Manor Art Award 2016. Tenderflix 2016

Commissioned by Cowley Manor 2016

The Swearing Door

Interactive sound sculpture, 2016

Bristol Biennale 2016. Objectif Exhibitions 2016, Antwerp, Belgium.


I wrote a code that allows microcontroller to sense human presence and randomly chose a sound file from the pre-recorded library of sounds. Sounds are labels, that are usually assigned to human beings based on their race, age, political views, social status, nationalities, hobbies, health status, current mood etc.

The Welcoming Door

Bristol Biennale 2016, Espronceda Art Centre

 Interactive sound sculpture, 2016

Kindly supported by Royal College of Art, London, and Espronceda Art Centre, Barcelona, Spain

 The work appears in a doorway, where Arduino microcontroller and a tiny loudspeaker are installed. The sound (greetings in human languages, as well as sounds of animals, nature and man-made objects such as kettle whistle or gunshots) is randomly selected out of the sound library, and played out when a person enters the space.

 Homage to Libera Carlier

Interactive installation with sound

Espronceda Art Centre, Barcelona,  Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp

Commissioned by Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, Belgium

An interactive installation of 22 projectors (equipped with motion detection sensors and mini-computers). Projections with sound are triggered when visitors move within the space. The footage is digitalized Super8 historic footage by Libera Carlier, distorted in the space. Sound is created via mobile app that scans a hand written score of ‘Scheldt Rhapsody’, the only surviving piece of music by Libera Carlier.


 Horrors of Archiving

HD with voiceover 11’36”

Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, Belgium, 2016. Oracles of Humankind, two person show with David Blandy, 2016

Kindly supported by the Arts Council England

Hello, Siri

Multi-media performance, 12’40’’, 2016

MANIFESTA 11, Zurich, 2016. Visions in the Nunnery, London, 2016.

Code is a life form (the only life from) that is created by humankind. My performance is a platform that allows artificial intelligence, as well as non-human and non-biological forms of existence.

During the performance, I play a DJ with my personal devices: phones, iPads, tablets and computer. On the computer I googletranslate in the real time the text I wrote. Other devices perform sounds from free on-line libraries – such as kettle whistling and gun shots. While I repeatedly question Siri on my phone “what is the meaning of life” receiving different (or sometimes  repeated) answers but not giving up.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 23.02.06.png


HD with voiceover 3’25’’, UK, 2012

WRO Biennale of Media Art 2013

Being a constant pendulum between 3 cultures (Russia, Belgium and UK) and passionately feeling the struggle of Russia to become a better place, I re-enacts the only allowed form of protest in Russia on the soil of the UK. The work is a step further into exploration of transnationalism and effects of the information flow and internet on oneʼs understanding of time and space.

Memento Mori Moscow 2011

HD with sound, 3’33’’, Moscow ,2011

Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art 2011

Kindly supported by Pushkin House, London

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